About Us:

Goodwill Exchange is a Dubai based money exchange and remittance brand regulated by the Central Bank of the U.A.E since March, 2011, we offer exchange of foreign currencies and remittance service with a vision to provide best services at competitive rates to our trading partners and customers.

Technology is one of the most dynamic aspects of the present era, updating everyday with new developments. We strive to adapt the latest in technology and transform to suit your requirements perfectly. We ensure that these changes empower you to enjoy the added value in products and services, faster and cost effectively.

Company also follows a strong compliance process which includes standard operating procedures, periodic training to the front line agent who interact with the customers. The practice is followed in line with the international standards and in compliance to the correspondent banks, local and international regulators worldwide.

Currency Converter


* Rates are indicative and subject to change. Contact our nearest branch for the latest rates.

Core Services

Bank Transfers

Now you can transfer money directly to the beneficiary’s bank account in any part of the world. We use cutting-edge electronic funds transfer system to make money transfer process safe, secure and fast.

Foreign Currency Exchange

You can conveniently buy and sell all major currencies in bulk through Goodwill Exchange and be rest assured to get the most competitive foreign exchange services rates.

Instant Money Transfers

This facility enables you to transfer money to your loved ones, within minutes, through cash payout at various agent outlets and also through account payout in select countries.