Our Services

Our Services:

1. Bank Transfers

Now you can transfer money directly to the beneficiary’s bank account in any part of the world. We use cutting-edge electronic funds transfer system to make money transfer process safe, secure and fast.

2. Foreign Currency Exchange

When you visit a foreign land for leisure or with business interests, you will require the currency of the country concerned for your transactions. And no better place to get the best foreign currency services than at your trusted brand Goodwill Exchange. You can buy and sell foreign currency at any of our branches at competitive rates with excellent customer service.

3. Instant Money Transfers

This facility enables you to transfer money instantly to the beneficiary through cash payout at various agent outlets located in the respective receive countries. The popular services include:

1. GCC Remit:

Send money across to your loved ones instantly using state-of-the-art technology to ensure maximum reliability. Log on to www.gccremit.com

2. Western Union:

Send money anywhere in the world within minutes through Western Union's large global network.

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Our Services